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Jason Momoa has announced the release of a short film on Father’s Day, 2019 that has been three decades in the making.  It looks to feature his family as well as those people who came into his life and became family.  He posted a teaser trailer on his Instagram account on 6/14/19, which you can watch below or skip to the end of this page to watch separately.

Jason has been in Budapest, Hungary filming for his role of Duncan Idaho in the Dune reboot for the last several weeks and has finally come home to his family, just in time for Father’s Day.  We look forward to seeing the short film when he releases it on Sunday!

Watch the teaser trailer below:

And here is the new short film! Watch below on our YouTube channel page and then read Jason’s description beneath it.

Jason Momoa Official YouTube

HAPPY PAPA’S DAY everyone. Please go check out our new lil film subscribe to our YouTube channel LINK in BIO. For me, it started off so simple. A boy on a motorcycle for the first time tearing through the backyard. It was only a moment in time,  but the ride changed something in me, it was the moment where the wild stomped in.

I saved an old rusty motor to build a bike one day, and it’s taken 3 decades to fulfill the dream. Over the years the dream evolved and now all I wanted was to build a bike with my children, to give them the same experience I had as a child, to give them the wind, and the freedom of the ride.

A broken motor inspired a dream, and taught me it’s better to share those moments with my babies, the moment where the wild stomped in.

What started out as a visit to @harleydavidson to pay my respects turned into a new partnership. I wanted to honor their legacy, too ride is in my blood. So my friends and I went out and shot this video on our own. To show them how important they are in my life.

We built a Harley, our memories are woven into the metal, but it’s more than that, it has become a Momoa family heirloom. The legacy is Harley’s, but the memories are ours. Mahalo for the memories. Trailer music. I AM ARIES @mikehayesband

New album entitled “Best Always” available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotifty, etc etc etc.

Big Mahalo’s to my PRIDE of GYPSIES for making this film with me @captainriff @paakai97 @jasonericlaciste @realdealmada @benchetrit_small_music For the amazing film score @love_cycles shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa LOVE u my lovees. Forever ours LOLA and WOLF. Armenta ohana my mom and my wife ALOHA j. #wherethewildstompedin #fathersday #cheeehuuuuu