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Release: March 10, 2003

Studio: Von Zerneck Sertner Films

Director: Maggie Greenwald

Written by: Vivienne Radkoff

Jason Momoa plays: Kala

Other stars: Virginia Madsen, Lainie Kazan, Kieu Chinh, Andrew McFarlane

Budget: Unknown

Official sites: None


Workaholic Mike grudgingly minds the kids while his wife, legal assistant Emma Burke, flies to Hawai with ashes of Lily, the native who raised her and came to Boston with her. On the minor Hawaian island, Emma finally gets acquainted (again) with her family, and decides to stay, also to help with their flower nursery’s legal problems. She also learns her biological mother is alive and well on the island, but refuses to talk to her now and starts an ill-considered affair with handsome cousin Kala. Mike flies in with the two children, complicating everything further.