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Jason Momoa has announced an exciting new partnership with So iLL.  The avid rock climber asked the company to create a special pink shoe for him and they responded.

so ill

“A few months ago Jason Momoa asked us for a high performance shoe in Pink. We got to work on a custom shoe for him and the Free Range (LV) was born through this partnership. Thank you for the inspiration and much love brother. ”

From the SoiLL website:

Say hello to the Free Range LV, the low volume counterpart to our aggressively downturned Free Range model. It has everything you need to put your projects out to pasture. 

The Free Range LV has a unique one-strap closure system to keep dead spots to a minimum, and with the medium-stiff toe box, you’ll feel confident on the smallest of edges. We rounded it out with rubber coverage on the toe, and more heel tension than our other models for technical precision.  The Free Range LV is built on a narrower last and therefore has a narrower mid foot and heel.

You can get more information here about the shoe and purchase your own pair HERE.

Check out a photo gallery of Jason Momoa trying on the new shoes and testing them out rock climbing.