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PrivacyThe staff here at are protective of the privacy of Jason Momoa and his family when in public. We don’t share photos of his wife or children unless he is explicitly okay with it.  We also will not share photos of Jason where he is not aware he is being photographed.

That is why you won’t see any paparazzi photos of Jason with his wife Lisa Bonet, or his children, on our site. They are easy enough to find online, but not on our site.

His management team has told us that if Jason shares a photo with his family on social media, it is okay to repost. Otherwise they are off limits and we respect that.

Jason Momoa has said a few times in the past that he doesn’t want the paparazzi filming his wife or children.

From his article in American Way Magazine:

While Momoa was delighted to have had his children with him during the Aquaman shoot, the experience was compromised by the paparazzi who followed them around. “It’s so annoying. I have to travel really far just to go surf with my kids. It’s sad to have to worry about that. All so they can be on the ocean with their dad.” His voice grows quiet as he says this, as if he’s mystified or just exhausted by it all. “When I’m alone? I’m yours. You can have me. But if you see me with my kids, I want to be Papa for the short time that I get them.”

Another article from Refinery 29 states:

And when he’s with his kids, Momoa wants to not be with the paparazzi. This is a common sentiment shared by many stars who feel that pictures of their young children should never be bought and sold. It’s the greatest invasion of privacy, and there are even laws in place to prevent them from being taken. But just as a reminder to the paparazzi in Australia, where laws may be different, Momoa shared an Instagram post begging them to leave them alone during family time there. The only person taking pictures of the Momoa clan should be Jason, ‘Papa Bear’, himself. (He loves a good Instagram photo.)

We respect his wishes for privacy and hope you do too.

-The staff at