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henry cavill

HenryCavill.Org is the #1 site on the web devoted to British actor Henry Cavill, currently starring as Superman in the DC film universe.  Henry Cavill Org also has the largest Facebook page in the world in support of Henry with more than 800,000 fans.

Jason Momoa News is a sister site to HCO and was launched on November 13th, 2017, on the night of the Los Angeles premiere for Justice League.  It is run by the same people who helped make HenryCavill.Org into one of the biggest sites in the world in support of Henry Cavill.

We are sharing below some of HCO’s exclusive interviews with cast and crew of the shows Henry worked on as well as a lot of interviews with authors who saw Henry as their main character (see “book boyfriend”).  We’ll have some new author interviews up soon on Jason Momoa News with authors who see Jason as their main character.  Stay tuned!