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When blaine halvorson and jason momoa met for the first time in 2016, an instant friendship was born.

Both craftsmen in their own right, they formed a kindred bond over their appreciation for details above all else.

From clothing and spirits – to automobiles and knives both men have the same discerning eye, down to the smallest element. They endlessly pursue crafting the perfect piece. Balancing form and function but always demanding authenticity above all else – these small town men live by, and create their own terms.

Together they set out to form a collective of like minded artisans – all striving for the same goal, and with the same level of passion. A tribe of artists, each chiefs in their own trade.
born as a celebration of these values, black wolf co. was formed.

UPDATE 1/23/18: They are all SOLD OUT.

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Black Wolf Co is: Jason Momoa | Blaine Halvorson | Kenny Kirk | Justin James | Richard Baggett | Jeremiah Armenta.

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