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UPDATE: Test Photos and Footage from Scrapped Jason Momoa “The Crow Reborn” Film Released

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New test photos and footage from the doomed The Crow Reborn remake from director Corin Hardy and what would have featured Jason Momoa as rocker Eric Draven have surfaced. Both Momoa and Hardy left the film back in 2018 and have not revisited it since then.

UPDATE: Turns out that thanks to the help of some fans on Instagram, the footage has been revealed to be from filmmaker Brian Andrew Mendoza’s reel from 2011. You can see the entire section on our Instagram page as well as proper credits for the fans who helped us.

The test photos popped up on Twitter in recent days, causing a resurgence of interest in the abandoned project from Hardy and Momoa. The photos can be seen below.

Following the release of the photos, test footage was also revealed.

Ryan followed up with another tweet with more footage.

Actor Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy left the troubled The Crow film remake over creative and financial differences with the film’s financier, Samuel Hadida in 2018.

Jason Momoa released a statement on his Instagram account (loosely edited for style): “I’ve waited 8 years to play this dream role. I love you Corin Hardy and Sony Pictures. Unfortunately, I may have to wait 8 more. Not our team. But I swear I will. James O’Barr sorry to let you down. I won’t on the next. This film needs to be set free. And to the fans, sorry. I can’t play anything but what this film deserves and it needs love. I”m ready when it’s right.”

Director Corin Hardy also released a statement:

“I knew from the off, that the idea of making a new version of The Crow was never going to be for everyone, because it is a beloved film. And I say that as someone in love with it myself. But I poured everything I had into the last 3.5 years of work, to try & create something which honoured what the Crow stood for; from James O’Barr’s affecting graphic novel, to Alex Proyas’s original movie, with great respect to Brandon Lee and with the desire to make something bold and new, that myself, as an obsessive fan, could be proud of. And with Jason Momoa, and my amazing team of artists & film-makers, we came SO close. But sometimes, when you love something so much, you have to make hard decisions. And yesterday, deciding it was time to let go of this dark & emotional dream project, was the hardest decision of all.

Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.”

You can read our post with a timeline of how Jason and Corin got to the point where they were going to do The Crow movie or check out our filmography page. A few of our artists on the artist profile pages have done artwork of Jason Momoa as The Crow AKA Eric Draven.

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