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Jason Momoa Cover’s Men’s Health Magazine

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Jason Momoa is once again the cover star for Men’s Health Magazine, this time for the December 2020 issue.  He talks about his upcoming movie, Dune, where he plays swordmaster Duncan Idaho, his famous family, and social justice issues.  Momoa was previously on the cover of the December 2017 issue and cover of Men’s Health Australia in 2018.  Read on for excerpts and a link to the full article!

Men's Health

From the December issue of Men’s Health:

Momoa has spent the past few years slowly revealing himself to be the most singular and surprising—the most modern, really—male movie star we’ve got. “I don’t do incognito,” he explains. “Here’s this flamboyant Cadillac I’ve had since I was 22, because I love Elvis. Here’s my top-hat collection, because I love top hats. Here’s my ridiculous pink fur coat. I have a lot of weird things.” Perhaps it’s because he used to go antiquing “all the time” with his mom that he appreciates well-made items and durable designs. “I can look at a rusty spoon,” he tells me, “and it defines who I am.”

On being a big softie:

And while we wait, consider that Momoa would be the first to tell you that all of the tough-guy vibes you picked up from his Walk of Fame performances in Game of Thrones (as Khal Drogo) and Conan the Barbarian and Aquaman were just an act. Which makes sense, because he was acting. “I may look big and tough, but I’m not,” he explains. “I’m nothing like Khal Drogo. I’m not even the king of my own house! I’m absolutely terrified of my wife.” (His wife is actress Lisa Bonet, and if it’s still possible in these hard, cynical times for a man to worship his wife, Momoa surely tries. He is a proud Wife Guy.)

Men's Health

On Dune:

As Momoa and I talk over a large meat-and-cheese platter in a small, wood-paneled trailer on the set of the photo shoot, he struggles to contain his excitement for the movie. He’s wearing tattered and greased cargo work pants that look 15 years old because they are 15 years old, and he requests that any swear words he accidentally uses to demonstrate his enthusiasm about Dune be scrubbed from the record because he’s working hard to cut back on f-bombs. He stands while I sit, bouncing on the toes of his boots while telling me all about his costars, from Chalamet (“as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside”) to Oscar Isaac (“my new man crush”) to Josh Brolin (“who I look up to so much”) to Javier Bardem (“like a god to me, the roof”). He’s like a college freshman on fall break telling his parents all about his awesome new friends, each one cooler than the last.

On Big Momoa Energy on set:

Momoa may have felt like, ahem, a fish out of water among this company, but his costars say he was crucial to the cast’s on-set chemistry. “Jason inspires a group spirit to all around him,” Chalamet later writes me. “He is someone who brings a raw joy for filmmaking to the set every day. He’s one of those enriching humans to be around for their joy of camaraderie, which is especially important to be around when you are starting out as an actor.” Villeneuve felt it, too: “He has a very contagious positive attitude. You could feel the Momoa wave of energy coming in just as he was landing on set.”

On social justice:

Momoa was traveling back to L. A. as mass protests were happening in several major American cities. “It felt like the whole country was falling apart,” he says. “At the same time, I think things needed to change. There are so many massive issues happening that can’t be tolerated anymore, and I’m absolutely behind them. I’m looking forward to not going back to normal. I do believe we’ve hit a tipping point. We just need to keep fighting for it. For me, I’ve been on the forefront of trying to do a lot of things with climate change and environmental issues, and that’s all part of this, too. That’s kind of gone by the wayside for some people, but it hasn’t for me.”

Check out a gallery below of all the photos from the cover story!

To read more from this extensive and wide-ranging interview, click HERE.

Men's Health

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