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Cancellation of Frontier confirmed by Discovery Canada

We had previously reported that the Jason Momoa fronted Frontier would not be coming back for a fourth season based on comments made on Instagram by Sokanon actress Jessica Matten, but there was no official word from Netflix or Discovery Canada…until now.

Responding to a fan question on Twitter, Discovery Canada made it official.

Fans hoping for a fourth season to wrap things up will now be left in the dark or up to their imagination.  You can also read our previous post from Canadian actress Jessica Matten who played Native American Sokanon and had been on the show since season one.

The historical drama, from Netflix and Discovery Canada, centers on the rough and often violent North American fur trade of the late 18th century and the Hudson Bay Trading Company. The cast includes Jason Momoa as Declan Harp, Alun Armstrong, Zoe Boyle, and Landon Liboiron.

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7 thoughts on “Cancellation of Frontier confirmed by Discovery Canada”

  1. This was an incredible show! Was really hoping that you all would not leave this project unfinished 🙁

  2. I’m sad to hear the new. I loved Frontier and was waiting for new episodes. I will miss it and the cast. There are not enough movies of this nature.

  3. ya know, I love Jason Momoa and all the movies and series that is out there to watch….but when there is a series such as “Frontier” that is ending on a cliff hanger….you have to stop leaving your fans hanging out here. Red Road also ended on a cliff hanger and never came back ….This is so disappointing. Great Cast on both shows and I will miss Frontier damnit…..please in the future…finish the series with closure
    Thank you

  4. I guess it’s official Damnit. Frontier is not coming back. I personally had a rule not to watch any Series unless there was three (3) seasons already available to watch. Now, I will do a four (4) season rule. I am so mad I could cry. Jason is a intense actor and we like watching his work(outside of Aquaman). I thought there was enough fans watching but don’t let them type cast you and please do another series. We don’t get our a lot so when we find a great program with a good characters and cast that pull you in with a great writing, my husband and I are given a little break from every day life.
    Hang in there and Holla at at fan
    Kimberly McCarty

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