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Jason Momoa Chats with GQ Australia

Jason Momoa was recently named GQ Australia Man of the Year for 2019. He sat down with the magazine and gave an extensive interview about everything from growing up without a dad to his latest project, streaming television show See on Apple TV+ and being a brown-skinned superhero. Check out th e photos and some excerpts below.

So, Jason – talk us through your 2019.

Jason Momoa: It’s been awesome, man.

I had a couple of great things as an actor but also my own stuff. A really cool personal highlight I want to continue has been the activism I’ve been getting involved with environmentally, to spread awareness about climate change.

Then obviously I’ve done some cool artistic pieces, like See, and the film Dune with two of my favourite directors Francis Lawrence and Denis Villeneuve. It’s been unbelievable.

Without wanting to make you blush, you are a man all men want to be like. Care to offer any tips on how to be more Momoa?

Haha, how can I answer that? The biggest thing for me is I’m searching, and I’m honest with myself. I get really happy and stoked about stuff, I just go for it, and I’m not afraid to say that. Maybe that’s an attractive thing – the guys I love and follow are like that, they’re doers, everyone from a musical friend to someone who’s an outdoorsman.

It’s important to be funny too and in touch with your feminine and masculine side. I just feel like it’s OK to be a man, it’s OK to be a sensitive man, it’s OK to be a strong man. That way, slowly you come into it all.

Is it OK not to have everything sorted out in life?

I mean I just turned 40, so fuck, I’m trying to figure shit out too. I’m trying to be the best dad that I can, at the same time 
I wasn’t really raised by one myself. I was raised by a strong woman so I’m just trying to figure it all out too.

But I think maybe that’s why I have a lot of good guy friends, because I’m open and I’m always asking questions when we get together to talk about stuff. And I need that.

I didn’t have a dad around so when you look up to someone, if they have something good going on, you can learn from that, and accept it, bring it into your own fold and pass it on.

Are men in touch with their sensitive side enough?

Men often brag “I don’t cry, God dang”. Whereas I’d say don’t cover it up. I’m like, “Goddamn, you’re a boy, you’re a little baby boy.” I didn’t have my mum going, “Toughen up,” so I don’t know another way but I’ve learnt with any issue, you need to get to the root of it.

We’re all sensitive but tend to cover things up with humour and anger where if someone offends you, it’s like “fuck you,” and you want to fight.

Hemsworth, The Rock, you – has there ever been a cooler time to be a dad?

I always thought being a dad was cool! But I mean I always wanted to be a dad – that was my thing. Chris, The Rock, all those guys are awesome. But I look up to my uncles. They were idols to me.

My cousins are so lucky – I was a little envious of not having a dad around so I always wanted to be one myself.

My stunt double, Kim Fardy is an Aussie, he’s a big time surfer, so is his younger brother and his older brother has served in the armed forces, so there’s these three boys, and the dad and mum are so cool; I look up to them. There’s so many buddies I met down in Australia where their pops are just fucking rad, man.

After 20 years of hard work, you’re now considered a bankable actor. How does hearing that sit with you?

I’ve never even heard that – I think you just made that up! [Laughs] That’s happened after Aquaman did well. But look at it – I only did Conan the Barbarian because I knew I hadGame of Thrones in my back pocket, and that thing didn’t do well.

Then pretty much every other movie after that didn’t do well. I did Bullet to the Head with Sylvester Stallone and that thing ate shit.

I haven’t done anything until… Aquaman so I’m not the one that’s bankable.

Would you say there are parallels between See’s dystopian world and ours?

I mean, I don’t want to speak on behalf of Steven Knight and his team but what turned me on so much about this is when I read this script, I stopped after page three and freaked out because I could see the set, I could smell the area, I could smell the cave.

The way it was written, it brought me in so quickly and it was so sensory-heightened. [Our characters] couldn’t see, yet the script was so visual. You could feel that it was just going to be shot different because you didn’t have sight. And so each shot you had this sensory overload.

Then we get into the fighting and how intimate it has to be, you could feel energies and you could echolocate and tell when something’s close to you or not. The whole thing was pretty impressive.

You can read the entire article HERE.

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  1. Jason Momoa is a Hero in so many ways. The whole world looks up to him and admires him. He is a strong, kind, loving, sensitive, smart individual and he cares so deeply for his Ohana. He is a fabulous father to his children and husband to his wife.
    All men should aspire to be like him. He believes in what he stands for and wants to make the world a better place for our children and many more generations.

    God bless him.<3 <3 <3

  2. Hi Jason Mamoa this is Grace I love that your show Game of Thrones it is my favorite show to watch. I have your Aquaman Poster and DVD

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