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Exclusive interview with Stargate Atlantis Actress Rachel Luttrell

The beautiful and talented Rachel Luttrell demands attention in the hit cable TV sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis as Teyla, the leader of a primitive alien civilization. With her exotic beauty and tough, sexy presence she has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with, becoming a stand out on one of the hottest shows for young adults.

rachel luttrell

The musically trained actress became a valued member of the cast, attracting a universal audience with her intelligence and intensity. The actress’ past television credits include ER, Charmed, and Touched by an Angel. She held the lead role of Lisette in the Anne Rice mini-series Feast of All Saints. Her other guest-starring roles include Sleepwalkers, In the House, Dogs and The Damon Wayans Show. Rachel’s film credits include Imposter co-starring with Gary Sinise, and independent films The Aaviary, House, Joe’s so Mean to Josephine, A Dog’s Breakfast and Hardwired.

rachel luttrell

We caught up with Rachel to ask her about the role of Teyla on Stargate Atlantis, working with Jason Momoa’s Ronon Dex on the show, and her career outside of acting.  In another post coming soon, she answers your fan questions pulled from our Instagram and Twitter accounts!

rachel luttrell


How did you end up getting the role of Teyla Emmagan in Stargate Atlantis?

Did you have to learn martial arts for the role?

Do you remember the first time you saw Jason Momoa on set?

What is he like to work with as an actor- is he serious or more light-hearted?

rachel luttrell

What has the role of Teyla meant to you personally and in your career?

Do you ever hear from fans who saw/see your strong bad ass character of Teyla as an inspiration or role model?

Talk a little bit about your musical theater background…singing, dancing and theatrical productions.

You recorded a CD in 2011 with some of the industry’s finest musicians. Can you tell us how that project came together and what was involved in getting it produced?

rachel luttrell

You have a production company with your husband, Loyd Bateman called Feral Child Productions. Let us in on what short films you are working on…what has already been completed and what is on the horizon?

What are your current passion projects- things you are involved with that you would like to tell us about?

How do you use social media?

Rachel Luttrell was born in Tanzania, East Africa, eventually immigrating to Canada at the age of five. She studied ballet at the prestigious Russian Academy of Classical Ballet School and also studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Rachel was brought up in a musical family. Her father, a former member of the critically acclaimed Mendelsohn Choir, trained Rachel’s soprano voice. This musical upbringing has led to a varied “triple threat” career in acting, singing and dancing, each of which Rachel embraces and truly play a part in her continued successes.  We appreciate her taking the time to record video answers to our questions.  She can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

UP NEXT: Rachel Luttrell answers a LOT of fan questions from our Instagram and Twitter accounts, which will be posted very soon to our website.  Keep it tuned here and make sure you subscribe to our email list to get notifications when new blogs are published!

You can watch the full 20 minute interview below.

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