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Jason Momoa talks about becoming a blind warrior in ‘See’

Jason Momoa will be portraying fearless warrior Baba Voss in the upcoming streaming show, See, from Apple TV Plus.  The show debuts on November 1st and features a futuristic world where everyone is blind.  Everything is upended when Voss and his wife adopt two twins…that have sight.  In this fascinating article from March, Momoa and the show-runners discuss the training for See and how the crew worked with blind and visually impaired actors alongside other sighted actors like Jason.


Check out some excerpts from the article on See by Inquirer.Net:

Joe Strechay, the series’ blindness consultant, who also sat for this chat, pointed out what he does: “We do sensory training for the show. I have trained thousands of people who are blind or visually impaired to have the skills to be independent. All of the actors went through training on how to utilize the white cane and, in our show, it’s a staff.

“I also taught the movement and the science behind it, how to move safely and independently and also how to use echo location, which is using sounds similar to bats sending out sounds that actually lights up your visual cortex in the same way that your peripheral vision works.

“We train our actors on the portrayal of blindness. We have actors who are blind or visually impaired and actors who are not. We give them the basic skills that allow them to portray the character, and they take it to a whole different level because this is 600 years in the future, where social norms like eye contact are gone, for example.

“We have over 30 actors who are blind or visually impaired participating in the show, and it is still growing. By the end, it will be more.”

Joe, who is visually impaired himself, cited Jason. “He is an amazing learner and intuitive, as well.”


Jason, who filmed the series amid the huge box-office success of “Aquaman,” said he did not hesitate to go into television. “This role is unbelievable. It’s an eight-hour movie. I don’t think of it that way (as a TV show). I’m just going after characters now. I never had this opportunity where doors are opening now because of ‘Aquaman.’ So this was super exciting. It’s very challenging, and I love that.”

On the challenge of playing a blind man, especially one who leads in these epic battle scenes, Jason answered, “When we are trying to flee from them (the other tribes), we’d have to cover ourselves up with different types of clays and things, so we can realize who we’re fighting with in battle. So I am not killing my own people.

“As far as stunts go, it’s amazing because it’s so intimate and when you get in there and are picking something apart, it’s not like, ‘Arrr!’ It’s total intimacy that is beautiful but pretty savage in the things that we do. But like I said, it’s something you haven’t seen because in these massive battles, there are killing ropes. So you’ll hear those sounds.

“And how I fight is basically all the time, I wanted to do it very low. So, I came in with my own ideas and how I would want my character to walk. I’m very scarred up on my face and I wanted to use his head as almost like a shield, which is like what happened to me in real life (laughs).”

Jason said he was inspired shooting in the great outdoors. “We are five months into this now. I worked my ass off to get the character ready, so now, I have him in me. Each scene is different, and I prepare before I come. But it’s fun on this because I’ve only shot four days on a stage out of five months. We’re always outside, always fresh hair, pissing rain on us, beautiful sunshine or it’s freezing cold or snow.

“Or I’m in the water. It was negative six degrees frigging water, while I was fighting, because it was my dumb idea. I’m like, ‘I would protect my family, I have to jump in the water.’ They’re like, ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ I’m like, ‘No, but the character would jump in the water and fight.’

“And so, we did that. I feel like, when the choices come around, I know what the character is going to do. It’s always fun showing up on set because these sets are unbelievable. They’re amazing, and we are always outside and in these phenomenal locations.”


A trailer has been released for See, which can be viewed below, as well as social media profiles.

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