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Jason Momoa & Alfre Woodard cover for ‘See’

Jason Momoa’s latest project, See, debuts on Apple TV+ this November 1st.  He recently did a photo shoot with co-star Alfre Woodard for where they talked about joining the show, working with visually impaired actors and crew and some of the unique things they did during filming.

Jason and Alfre talk extensively about See in the cover story for

Here are some excerpts:

Momoa had just finished working on the Netflix series Frontier and was traveling by train in England when he first saw Knight’s script. “My agent said he was going to fight for me to get the role and I needed to read the script right away,” the Aquaman star recalls. “I was so blown away by the first three pages, I read them out loud to my two best friends, who were with me. It’s the first time I’ve ever done that with a script.

“I was like, ‘Get me that meeting! Get me that role!'” He was intrigued by the idea of playing a father for the first time, and by the massive battle scenes that “have you on the edge of your seat from the get-go.” However, the real thrill for both actors came from the idea that they’d have to learn how to operate in a world they’d literally never seen before.

“We were constantly reinventing,” says Lawrence (the series’ other executive producers are Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, Kristen Campo, Dan Shotz and Jonathan E. Steinberg). “It was a learning process for everyone, learning how to move without relying on sight.

“Jason was a prime example. Navigation was a big part of the show, and he was constantly devising new ways to move. He might be wearing a long robe and throw it out almost like a whip in front of him to guide him. Sometimes he might be carrying an axe, and he’d slide it out in front like a walking stick. If he was walking by water, he’d kick some so others could follow the splash.”

One adviser she worked with was associate producer and blindness consultant Joe Strechay, who was equally impressed with how open the sighted actors were to suggestions. For instance, he noticed that Momoa was fond of wearing an outfit with a hood, but for a blind person, a hood can restrict hearing and thus the ability to get around. Momoa gave up the outfit.

“He learned very quickly how much his actions mattered to [low-vision and blind] people,” says Strechay, who has consulted on other shows, including Netflix’s Daredevil. “Jason brought so much heart to the production, and Alfre as well.

Read the full interview on HERE.

You can also watch a video of the photo shoot and interview below:

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  1. I dont have any apple products & don’t know how to aquire apple tv, so how can I see this movie! I’ve seen all of Jason Momoas movies & would really hate not being able to watch “SEE”

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