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Vintage Photos of Jason Momoa Released

Several vintage photos of Jason Momoa have been released on Instagram by Pantera Sarah, an old roommate of his and former club promoter in the Los Angeles area. Sarah has thousands of photos of celebrities ranging from Ryan Gosling and Jon Favreau to Vince Vaughn and Jamie Foxx.

From the Hollywood Reporter article:

In the early 2000s, stars could still go to bars and let their hair down without becoming a Twitter Moment, as Pantera Sarah, one of the era’s top club promoters, reveals in her personal pictures of A-listers at now-defunct hotspots.

In 2001, Sarah says, “Jason [Momoa] was my roommate. I met him when he was 19, through Michael Bergin from Baywatch. Jason had done Baywatch Hawaii. When he got that scar on his face, I was doing a night at a club called Kress across from Vinyl. He went to pregame at Birds on Franklin and some drunk 21-year-old smashed a bottle on his face. We always joke, ‘You were too pretty before.’ Thank God he’s got such a Cro-Magnon brow, it protected his eyes.”

The article continues:

Sarah, now 45 and no longer a promoter, says she took more than 15,000 photos during her nightlife run, a selection of which she shared with THR. “The reason we had a lot of people come to our clubs was because they knew they were safe,” she says. “Now it’s 20 years later, and most of the people I talk to have said, ‘Yeah, it’s fine’ ” to reveal the images. Together, they serve as a time capsule for a not-too-long-ago era that seems ancient because it’s pre-Facebook, pre-iPhone, pre-everything. A star could relax with friends at a bar without having to take fan selfies or prepare for a publicist’s angry call when candid images appear on Tumblr.

You can see all the images below:

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