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‘The Last Manhunt’ with Jason Momoa to start filming in September

It looks like The Last Manhunt project from Jason Momoa is going to start filming in California this September.

From Bloody Disgusting:

A year after the project was initially announced, they’ve taken the lens cap off Jason Momoa thriller The Last Manhunt with filming due to commence September 16 in southeastern California, Bloody Disgusting learned.

The story of Willie Boy, a young man who in 1909 returned to his reservation to be with his beloved, only to accidentally kill her father in self-defense, leading to one of the biggest manhunt’s in history, will be directed by actor and filmmaker Christian Camargo.

Momoa is producing the film alongside Martin Kistler and Brian Mendoza. 

Set at the start of the twentieth century, the thrilling story plays somewhat like a Shakespearean tragedy where a bloody double murder and suicide spawn catastrophic events. 

Production on The Last Manhunt takes place in such locations as Joshua Tree, Banning and Twentynine Palms until mid-October.

You can view our filmography page for The Last Manhunt HERE.

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