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Jason Momoa Gets New Tattoo and We’re Here For It

jason momoa's tattoos

Actor Jason Momoa is pretty well known for his shark teeth arm sleeve tattoo. In fact, it was the basis for his Aquaman body “tattoos”. Beyond that, he has several more tattoos on his body and thankfully, he’s shirtless quite often, so we get to see the other ones quite often.

If you’re interested in the stories behind each tattoo, check out our explainer page here.

Jason has been in Hungary filming for his part as Duncan Idaho in the Dune remake and decided to get fresh ink!

He got the logo for On the Roam, a production company he founded, on his right forearm. He shared on his Instagram Story.

While there, his friends Mada and others also got tattoos for both On the Roam and Pride of Gypsies, another production company Jason founded.

Mada shared on his Story too and we grabbed a few shots of Jason’s arm with wrap on it.

Keep it tuned here for updates!

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