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Bid on Jason Momoa’s Beard Shaver on eBay for Charity

Jason Momoa recently announced a partnership with Ball Corporation to use aluminum cans instead of plastics in a rather dramatic fashion- by shaving his beard off. It’s the first time since 2012 that he’s shaved and it caused quite a ruckus amongst his fans.

Well, now you can bid on Jason’s Braun shaving kit, autographed by the man himself. Momoa put the item up for auction on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to The Nature Conservancy. Bidding ends at 4pm PDT on June 1st and the item will be shipped from San Luis Obispo, California.

The item description reads:

In an effort to raise awareness about the environment and his commitment to aluminum recycling, Momoa did the unthinkable and shaved his seven-year old beard using a Braun multi-grooming kit to tackle the job.

According to Men’s Health:

To show their commitment to sustainability and make the charitable donation even greater, Braun will be matching the sale of Momoa’s trimmer up to $10,000.

They add:

The trimmer, as shown in action by Momoa, is a top-notch option for trimming your mug to perfection. The MGK5080 model comes has 13 length settings and 4 combs to achieve any desired facial hair length and style. If you’re not lucky enough to add Momoa’s trimmer to your Dopp kit, you can easily purchase the 9-in-1 styling kit for an affordable price that will easily help you groom your ears, nose, and body hair.

As of this posting, the bid was up to $193.28…a steal if the bid sticks. Good luck!

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