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Dune Set Diary

Photos and videos from the Dune reboot starring Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, which has just started filming! You can view our filmography page here.

Day 1 of filming has commenced!

Jason Momoa is headed to Jordan after wrapping up See filming.

Jason shared videos from the airport and driving to the hotel in his Story.

Once he arrived in Jordan, he shared more videos of driving to the hotel and the hotel itself.

Success! The hotel in Jordan.

More of the hotel from Jason’s Story.

Jason Momoa shared photos of him with actor Javier Bardem on April 22nd. Bardem plays the character of Stilgar.

After a brief break back home in Los Angeles, Jason is now in Budapest joining the cast for more filming. From his Instagram Story on 5/7/19:

On May 8th, Jason shared a video in Budapest with Oscar Isaac.

Stay tuned for updates.

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