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Jason Momoa Men’s Journal Cover Story

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Jason Momoa is the cover star of December’s issue of Men’s Journal. Now, in a new article, several photos have been released and an extensive interview conducted. Check out all the new photos, courtesy photographer Jeff Lipsky and read some excerpts below.


Now he proceeds to hand me four sharpened tomahawks. He designed them himself, working with a local outfit to source the wood and forge the steel. The ax handle is as long as my arm; the blade is eight inches long. It’s heavy, and it feels awkward and unwieldy as I cock it behind my head and aim at a wooden target about 15 feet away.

“The trick,” Momoa says, “is to throw straight, release early, and don’t bend your wrist. People always bend their wrists, like they’re throwing a football spiral or a baseball.”


He’s patient through more failed attempts, quick with encouragement and tips. Step forward with confidence. Keep hips square to the wall. Throw harder. Yet despite the coaching, I can’t bury a blade into the wood.

Momoa offers to demonstrate. He backs up an additional 15 or 20 feet—“I’m going for the long shot,” he says. In quick succession— thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk—he sinks each ax into the center of a two-foot square on the wall and lets out a triumphant battle cry.

He walks back over to me, grinning. “Isn’t it so fucking fun?”


I’m here with a Men’s Journal photo crew. The original plan was to meet the actor in a nearby canyon and photograph him bouldering there. But a day before the shoot, Momoa nixed that idea. He wanted something that felt more intimate, less produced. “It’s cool just to be at home,” he’d said. “It makes everyone feel more relaxed, and you don’t have to fake shit.” The crew has arrived early to set up for the afternoon cover shoot, and after unloading our gear and taking stock of the property, all we need is our subject.


He nods to the climbing wall. “This is my love. It’s always kept me humble, grounded, outdoors, and pushing myself, scaring myself,” he says. “On the wall, it’s a flow— you’re problem-solving, creating something. It’s the perfect real-world mental and physical test.” He’s determined to teach that ethos to his kids—daughter Lola, age 11, and son Nakoa-Wolf, “Wolfie,” who’s 10. “That’s the coolest thing, when your kids love what you do,” he says. “They do hula and African dance with my wife, and they climb, skate, and surf with me. And they dig music.”


“I get in trouble just like any other dumb fucking male,” Momoa says. “We love each other, have an amazing family together, but a relationship is work.” He asks me how long I’ve been with my partner. Twelve years, I tell him. About the same for him, he says, and reflects on how much a person can change over such a long period. “That poor woman met me when I was 26,” Momoa says. “I was a maniac. I wanted to do all of these things, but I didn’t have an outlet, so I would just destroy. She’s stuck with me through too many me’s.”

UPDATE: You can see a few newly released behind-the-scenes pictures below from the photo shoot as well as a BTS video of the making of the cover story.

You can read the entire article here and check out our Aquaman filmography page and photo gallery. Keep it tuned here for updates on everything Momoa!

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