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Jason Momoa graces the cover of Men’s Health Australia

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Actor Jason Momoa is the cover story for the December issue of Men’s Health Australia. Momoa is no stranger to being featured in fitness magazines for his muscled physique and workout regimen. You can read excerpts below and check out some new/old photos of Jason.

Read the entire article here and stay tuned as more articles from this issue are released online.

Jason Momoa’s uproarious laughter is hard to resist, even from across the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, in this case, I’m the source of his mirth, having just enquired how he feels about closing in on 40. He’s only 39, he bellows down the line from LA. “You did your research, didn’t you?” he says between guffaws. While I want to point out that I’d said “closing in”, the truth is, the way Momoa lives, works and perhaps most importantly plays, the question is kind of ridiculous.

“I’m all about just having the best goddamn day I can have,” says Momoa of his full throttle approach to life. “If my wife tells me we’re having spaghetti bolognese for dinner I will work so much harder because I know we’re going to have a great night. I can train hard as long as I know there’s a reward.

“It comes down to overall calorie intake so when we’re looking to lean down we just cut the Guinness down to a certain number per day,” says Abdelhamid of ensuring Momoa’s love of the black stuff never hampered his weight-loss goals. “If I’d made him cut it out completely he wouldn’t have performed as well.”

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