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Exclusive interview: Brad Peyton on Jason Momoa and Frontier

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Jason Momoa News had the opportunity to exclusively interview director Brad Peyton to talk about working with Jason Momoa and the upcoming Season 3 of Frontier.

brad peyton

Brad Peyton is a Canadian producer and director, known for Rampage (2018), San Andreas (2015) and Frontier (2016-18).  We asked Brad about the Netflix/Discovery Canada series Frontier, starring Jason Momoa and what we can expect from the upcoming third season, premiering on November 23rd.  We also asked him about working with Jason Momoa, how the idea for Frontier came about and more in our exclusive interview.

brad peyton


How did the idea for Frontier come about and what was your involvement?

Frontier was brought to me by the creators Rob and Peter Blackie. They wanted to make the most ambitious show they could and that excited me. To make a period show that explored the blue collar struggle that was going on in the new world was very interesting to me.

Talk about Jason in the role of Declan Harp and what he brings to the show.

I love Jason as Declan. Jason brings so much of himself to this role. He really delivers a nuanced performance and has developed a great character that is always fascinating to watch.

What’s it like working with somebody like Jason who not only acts, but directs and produces?

Working with Jason is phenomenal. He’s a very unique person. He pours himself into everything he does and that’s exactly what he did with Frontier. I’ve learned that passion is an essential part of the equation to achieve artistic success and Jason is so passionate about Frontier for me it’s easy – I just want to support him. All of us producers do. And because Jason’s directed and produced before we trust his unique process – which is to embed himself in the wilderness and bring his story to life.

Any funny set stories with Jason?

Hmmm. What comes to mind is how he says  ‘hello’ to me on set in the morning sometimes. I’m not even sure he’s aware of it but he grabs me by the shoulders and bumps chests and grunts. It’s like he’s pumping himself up. He’s just so huge. You feel like a little kid when he does it to you! It’s like his enthusiasm just bubbles out of him. But that’s Jason. He’s a big excitable dude.

What can you tell us about the upcoming season 3 of Frontier?

Season 3 is my favorite season yet. It’s the most epic, heart-felt, nuanced and beautiful season yet. I love what the entire cast has brought to it. Their characters have really grown and the quest Jason goes on is unbelievable. It’s amazing to see our show expand from North America to Europe too.

brad peyton

You are a frequent user of Instagram. How do you use it to connect to your fans?

I am a frequent Instagram user. It’s visual. It’s quick. I love seeing other filmmakers and art and all my interests and it’s fun to engage people. I just try to keep everything I do and see positive. It’s what the forum is really for.

What upcoming projects do you have?

I’m about to start a new show for Netflix called Daybreak about the apocalypse. It’s a comedy. 😂 I’m very excited. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done or anything out there right now. It’s very unique.

You can view our Frontier filmography page and search on the home page for related articles.  We thank Brad Peyton for taking the time to chat with us about all things Jason Momoa!  He can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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