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Jason Momoa’s Bike Breakdown in L.A.

Actor Jason Momoa was spotted in the parking lot of a California grocery store on one of his vintage motorcycles on the Sunday after SDCC in San Diego.  He was having a hard time getting his bike started and after about 40 minutes and a hair toss for good measure, he was on his way.  Check out the photos and read more about it below.


You can read an excerpt here:

The 38-year-old Aquaman actor was spotted near his home in Topanga Canyon, California on Sunday trying to start his motorcycle in a grocery store parking lot.

An eyewitness told, ‘It was mid-afternoon and over 100-degrees, you could tell he was really annoyed. 

‘He would start it up, get his helmet back on and jump on it only to have it conk out. This went on for about 40 minutes before he ultimately got it going.’

The article continued:

The bike itself was nothing to write home about, says our source, ‘It was an antique, or something you might have seen in a post apocalyptic movie like Mad Max. God knows where he got this thing.’

In photos obtained by, Momoa, dressed in a black tank top and red pants, can be seen undoing his hair from his signature ‘manbun’ in frustration.

‘It was like watching one of those commercials where the beautiful woman shakes her hair out in slow motion, but in this case it was Aquaman,’ the source added.

‘When he finally got the bike going he chugged off out of the parking lot, taking his time. It seemed like he was an uneasy rider, not fully trusting that it wouldn’t break down again.’

A cleaned up and confident Momoa had appeared at Comic-Con in San Diego the day prior to promote his upcoming movie Aquaman, set to hit theaters December 21, 2018.

Read the entire article HERE.

See all the photos below in the gallery.

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