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Temuera Morrison Credits Jason Momoa for Aquaman Casting

Veteran Kiwi actor Temuera Morrison credits Jason Momoa with roles in both Frontier and the upcoming Aquaman movie where he plays Thomas Curry, Arthur Curry’s father to Nicole Kidman’s Queen Atlanna.  For his part, Momoa said meeting Temuera Morrison was “a true inspiration for me growing up trying to become an actor” and something that he could now cross off his bucket list.

A recent article in Stuff reveals more details about Morrison’s casting.

Somewhat more diminutive than his 6 ft 3 co-star, Morrison admits he felt “like a little powder puff” when Momoa chased him around or grabbed him and tipped him upside down while on the set. “Put me down son, put me down,” he says he’d have to say to the former Game of Thrones star who affectionately called him “Uncle”.  Then, just when Morrison thought his 2017 couldn’t get any better, Momoa revealed that he’d written Morrison into the latest series of his Netflix show Frontier.

The article continues with more quotes from Temuera Morrison.

“Jason gave me the nod for Aquaman [Morrison plays Momoa’s character Arthur Curry’s father Thomas], just as an opportunity to meet me. I think Once Were Warriors really moved him in a way both in terms of his culture and his own identity. I think it shook him up a bit. I even heard him say a few words to his kids when they visited the set [on Australia’s Gold Coast]: ‘This is the fella who get me into the business kids’. He really respected my performance.”

You can read the full article HERE.

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