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Jason Momoa pairs with Stephen Amell on “Dirtbag” wine from Nocking Point

Stephen Amell

Jason Momoa is teaming up with fellow DC actor Stephen Amell to launch a signature red wine called “Dirtbag” with Amell’s Nocking Point winery.

Stephen talked about the partnership in a Facebook video (see below at about the 1:30 mark).  The wine will be available on June 1st.

Jason met Stephen back in 2015 and documented his adventures with Amell and cast mate David Ramsey in a series of Instagram posts, which can be viewed HERE.

From the official Nocking Point blog post:

Stephen and Jason Momoa met several years ago at a Comic Con and quickly became buddies. In May of 2015, Drew and Stephen were kicking around the idea of starting a new collaboration program for NP — that brought in other fun public figures to make wine with NP — while sitting on a patio outside the Newhall Manor in Birmingham, England. Jason Momoa, unknown to Stephen and Drew, is a straight up wine guy. They pitched the concept to Jason right there on the spot and he was in whenever the time was right.

Stephen Amell

The blog post further goes on to explain how Jason came back into the fold this year to make the collaboration a reality.  Work was done just last month at Jason’s home and it looks like a good time was had by all.

Drew took a quick afternoon trip to Jason’s home  of NP — came along with his camera and skills needed to capture the images. A quick stop turned into about 3 hours of outdoor wine drinking and good times at Jason’s place. They parted ways with the wine and artwork locked down and in motion…

You can read the entire blog post HERE.

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