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How to Send Fan Mail to Jason Momoa

fan mailHave you been wondering how to send fan mail to Jason Momoa?  We have too, so we sent teams into the frozen tundra of Newfoundland, down to the deepest depths of Atlantis, and into Dothraki territory to get the answers.

fan mailAfter hearing back from all our teams, we finally got an answer- a post office box in the heart of Iowa, unobtrusive, but offering the key to contacting Jason. So we made a page on our website and divulged the valuable information there.  Not to worry…your gifts and letters will be received.  We verified the info with Jason Momoa’s management team.

Fan mailSo go forth to our Jason Momoa Fan Mail page and let our hero know how much he is appreciated.  And tell ‘em Jason Momoa News sent you.  We’d be in your debt.

27 thoughts on “How to Send Fan Mail to Jason Momoa”

  1. Hi, I watched all the seasons of Stargate Atlantis (before my Aunt’s hard-drive was stolen) and at the end of the last episode I was sad. This might be a big favor to ask from you but could you mabye get the team back together.

  2. JASON MOMOA….you are Sinbad the Sailor!! Why haven’t ANYONE came up with remaking the Sinbad movies with YOU mystifies me!!

    1. This is the most current address to send fan mail to. Jason does not do autograph requests by mail, though. Sorry!

  3. I wish to send a Jason a wooden watch we designed in honor of our kupuna/ancestors. Ho’omanawanui Ohana dependents of Keawe-a-Huelu (Grandfather of Queen Liliuokalani and King Kalakaua). What is a good address to send gift?

    Mahalo nui loa, Shirley

  4. Hi There,

    This is honestly not a fan mail. I have a pitch for Jason. In all honesty, it could be extraordinarily interesting…at least that is the hope. Or it could burn. I think Jason could be the only invividual to help me pull this off. I am not quite sure how to contact him or his agents.



    1. You would have to research into who his agent is. IMDb Pro has these types of listings with contact info. You could try that. Good luck!

  5. Hello, How can I obtain a poster of Jason when he wore dreds. If possible please send 2, My friend wants one too. Jason Hi, just wanted you to know we you”re adore you. Loved you in Aquaman to many more movies to come. God bless you. If I need to pay I will. Sincerely Linda & Julie

    1. Sorry, but we are just a fansite. You can probably find posters of him as Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis online, where he has the dreds.

  6. Hello!
    My students have created a summer project based on Flat Stanley. They want to send out their flat selves by email. There are a couple of students who wanted to know if they could send flat selves by PDF to Jason Momoa (Aquaman) because they are big fans. Please let me know if this is possible or where I could email their flat selves. Thank you so much!

  7. Just wanted you to know your Father’s Day post, made me cry and smile through the entire video. I thought my life was boring and in my late 50″s I decided to learn how to ride a Harley. It was the best experience of my life. I started on a 1200 Sportster and graduated to a Fat Boy. There is nothing like riding a Harley and every time I get on mine I have a natural high. Thank you so much for sharing your love of a Harley and your family

  8. HI Jason I work at a daycare in Pittsburgh I know you are in town and I think the kids would just be amazed if you found the time to say hi to them, I understand you are very busy , if possible while you have the time you can go on our facebook page and check out our daycare we work out of the sisters of charity

    thank you for your time best wishes while in Pittsburgh

    Debbie Rekasie
    Executive Secretary

  9. My wife and I are both very big fans and would love to meet up with you but it is very difficult for me to get a day off from work it would be so cool brother to get the chance to talk and get a beer

  10. Kimberly Clopton

    Hello Jason and family , our whole family loves you and lisa and kids . I am a huge fan . I would love to meet you and your family . Will you ever come close to stillwater Oklahoma we would love seeing you. Thanks for being so great .

  11. Hi Jason, my daughter is your biggest fan. She is graduating high school and I would like to do something special for her. I’m not sure you will read this, much less respond, but I was curious if u had time maybe you could send her a video message. Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Hey there. Thanks for commenting. We are just a fansite and not officially linked to Jason or his team. Sorry!

    1. Dawn,

      Hey there! There is no official fan club to join. If anyone says there is or asks you for money to join, it’s a scam. In terms of contacting him, you can see that information in the fan section of our website. The mailing address is a few years old, so it might not still be valid. Good luck!

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