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James Wan Debunks Aquaman Trailer Myth

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There was much ado about nothing the other day when a composer shared an update on Instagram with a photo of his studio and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman on a screen.

Carlos Villalobos shared an Instagram post (now deleted) that said, “trailer scoring heaven” and included the hashtags #aquaman and #oldfriends.

We noticed  at the post had been deleted and commented.  Director James Wan himself replied back to us, saying “Because he has nothing to do with our trailer at all.  Don’t know who this dude is.”

Sounds like there is a trailer, but it’s not being composed by this guy!  We’ll bring you an update when we hear about the first Aquaman trailer for real!

UPDATE: James Wan has weighed in with a comment on the trailer.

In the meantime, check out our Aquaman filmography page and photo gallery.

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