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Frontier Location Scouting Gives Boost to Newfoundland Tourism

Jason Momoa is currently in Newfoundland working on season three of the Netflix and Discovery Canada series Frontier.  The actor has been sharing Instagram posts recently of location scouting they are doing and it’s all thanks to Craig Borden and the Rugged Edge snowmobile shop in Corner Brook.  Borden runs the shop and is a tour guide for the local area.


Borden was profiled in a recent article for the CBC Canada.  Here’s an excerpt:

The crew got a taste of Newfoundland’s famously unpredictable weather, encountering everything from blue skies to storm winds. But the variety wasn’t necessarily a disadvantage.

“For certain things they wanted the stormy weather, they wanted the barren land,” Borden said. “They got it all and a lot more.”

What they also got was a taste of Newfoundland hospitality, with locals keeping a respectful distance during shooting and area businesses offering to help out however they could, Borden said.

“We started out on probably the second day that Jason was here and we were unloading,” Borden said. “We had like four trucks, a full convoy. And this guy just comes up and said, ‘Oh, you’re out here to do some filming.’

“He said, ‘My cabin is in on the pond, it’s the third one. Fire’s going, the kettle’s boiled, go ahead and use it.’ He leaves, everyone goes, ‘Oh, that’s nice, was that your uncle?’ I said, ‘I have no idea who he is.’ But it’s the way Newfoundland people are.”


You can read the entire article HERE, which also includes links to Jason’s recent posts from Newfoundland and their location scouting.  If you’re not familiar with the show, check out our filmography page for Frontier, now filming the third season.

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