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Exclusive Interview with Braven Director Lin Oeding



lin oeding

With credits on over 100 features and television shows such as Inception, Dark Knight Rises, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast & Furious, Star Trek and Collateral, Lin Oeding’s background in action has given him the opportunity to study under many of the best directors in the business.

In May 2015, Lin made his feature and television directorial debuts on the crime-thriller Braven, starring Jason Momoa, Stephen Lang, and Garret Dilahunt, and on the NBC cop-drama Chicago PD. Lin’s follow up feature is a comedy/horror in the vein of Zombieland, titled, “Office Uprising“.

Lin talked to Jason Momoa News about filming Braven, how he ended up working with Jason Momoa, and what he has on deck for the future.

lin oeding


What was your film directing debut like with Braven?

It was very tough, we filmed in a very cold location, with limited crew, or film business infrastructure, it’s always tough making an indie. I am very happy that the critics, as well as audiences both liked it, as it makes all the extreme conditions and hard work, worth it.

Did your stuntwork background guide the way you choreographed fight scenes?

Absolutely. Myself and my stunt coordinator, Rob Alonzo, have a lot of experience doing this, so together we had a short hand that allowed us to create action, feed off each other’s ideas, and do it all in 22 days.

Do you have a philosophy about how they should be done?

Well, all good fights should tell a story within the fight, they should have highs and lows, and be exciting, and most importantly serve the narrative. Good choreography should also feel natural to the characters, their environment, etc.

How did you get involved with Braven and how did everybody come on board to do the movie?

Jason called me after seeing a short film I did online, it was a 4 minute short called Lifted (LINK) starring Joel Edgerton. Between that short, my other short films, and my experience as a stunt coordinator, he felt I would be a good fit for an action-genre movie like this.

Best advice you have received so far from the directors you’ve worked with?

Best advice would be to stay humble, surround yourself only with department heads who have more experience than you do, to make sure you have the strongest screenplay possible before going into production, and only join productions where there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen.

What’s next for you?

I am currently directing a tv series for NBC, then directing several episodes of a new HBO series, after that I begin prep on my 3rd feature this summer. I am excited about that one, as it is my first big budget studio feature, where I will get to showcase a much different side of my action, and storytelling skillset.


lin oeding

Speed Round:

How do you survive the zombie apocalypse?

My gun vault

Favorite movie you’ve done stunts for?

Collateral, Last Samurai, Tropic Thunder

Directing for TV or movies?

Studio Movies (no more indies)

Favorite director?

David Fincher (very consistent)

You can read our interview with Stephen Lang, check out the Braven filmography page or look at our Braven gallery.  You can also find out where to watch Braven on demand with this article.  Drop us a comment below and let us know what you thought of Braven and if there is anybody else in the movie you’d like to see us interview here on Jason Momoa News!

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