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Early Aquaman Test Screenings Tout Action and Emotion

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aquamanWith Aquaman being Warner Bros only comic book film in 2018, it needs to deliver.  While Justice League was not well received, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was one of the highlights.  Fans finally got to see a bad ass representation of the character on the silver screen.

Anticipation is at an all-time high for the solo Aquaman film, so much so that people lost their collective minds when they thought the first trailer was imminent.  That rumor was quickly shot down by the film’s director, James Wan, in a series of Instagram comments to Jason Momoa News on a fan post about the supposed trailer.  Wan did tell us that a trailer is coming, but cautioned patience as he wants it to be everything the fans imagine it to be.

aquamanNow, news has leaked of some early test screenings of Aquaman, thanks to a tweet by Batman News.  Here’s an excerpt from an article by Screen Rant on this news.

While the details aren’t great, the general reaction most definitely is. WB is very much in need of another win when it comes to their DC lineup, so any early positive buzz is good news. Hearing that it is action-heavy falls in line with what some actors involved have described, such as Yahya Abdul-Matteen II as Black Manta. The emotional part is where Aquaman could help separate itself from being another middle-of-the-road comic book movie. The best ones typically have some dramatic weight to them, and having an emotional story should help accomplish just that.

This is however a very early version of whatever Aquaman will be when it hits theaters in December. Principal photography wrapped in October of last year, so planned reshoots are surely still to come. The feedback from today’s test screenings could go a long way in determining what to change, but also what not to.

You can read the entire article HERE.

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