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Stephen Lang talks to FanSided about Braven and Jason Momoa

lang and momoa

The FanSided website has a fascinating interview with legendary actor Stephen Lang, who co-stars with Jason Momoa in the upcoming action thriller Braven.  Momoa executive produces and stars in the movie alongside Lang, Garrett Dillahunt and Jill Wagner. It is directed by Lin Oeding and releases in theaters and on-demand this Friday, February 2nd.  Here’s an excerpt where Lang talka about working with Jason on the movie.

FanSided: Well, I have been a fan of yours for many years, when my dad got me into film when I was a kid. Your performances were definitely something that I gravitated towards. So you worked with Jason in the past with Conan, but what is it about that working relationship that works when you are together?

Stephen Lang: It’s pretty knockabout. When we met, I was taken with his energy, and he just had a profound love for movies. He’s a very interesting dude! So we just hit off, and we work out together, drink wine, and work is part and parcel. We love working together, we try new stuff, and there is no ego involved at all. We agree and try different things with scenes, and with him producing we had more room to do that.

FanSided: Well, the thing about Jason, and I think it’s coming, is that he really is a solid actor. He has the ability to really blend into a role and make you think that he is a family man on the edge, or a trapper, or whatever he’s doing. It’s all very organic.

Stephen Lang: You look at the size and strength of the guy, he’s a formidable lookin’ fella. But he has this huge streak of kindness that is just there, and it makes for a very appealing production. Jason is a great mix of superstar and great actor.


You can read the entire article below to find out more about Stephen’s character and the movie Braven, starring Jason Momoa.

The strength of age: An interview with Stephen Lang, co-star of Jason Momoa action thriller Braven

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