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Jason Momoa Talks Braven Stuntwork


bravenWhile Braven May not be coming out until February 2nd, Men’s Health caught up with star Jason Momoa to talk about preparing for the physicality of the movie and that cold weather they were filming in.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Is there a sequence from Braven that sticks out as being especially challenging?

bravenI jump off that fucking cliff in the end! We couldn’t get a crane—the crane went over the cliff, but the wind was so high on the day that we couldn’t get the shot that we wanted to. So we put our stunt guys over that cliff with pads.

Garret [Dillahunt] did the stunt, I couldn’t believe it. Imagine standing on the edge of a cliff, having me run at you, tackle you, and fall backward off a cliff and on to some pads that are laying diagonally off that cliff. Meanwhile, it’s freezing fucking cold. Our hands are in the snow. Your hands are just shot with frost. It was painful as hell out there. I wanted us to really go over the cliff and have the camera follow us, but it was a small-budget action movie. If I had millions and millions of dollars it would have been maybe a little more suspenseful, but we did a lot of action for a really little amount of money. It was fun to do, and I was really proud of all the actors.

You can read the entire thing HERE and check out our Braven filmography page for trailers, posters and more.

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  1. I just finished the movie and have to say that because it was a lower budget film (I read in an interview) it gave the film more authenticity. The absence of “Hollywood” special affects and cinematography enabled the viewer to really “feel” the cold and raw nature of the film. By not exploiting the main characters obvious physique it made him more relatable and real and one almost (not quite) saw beyond the man at times focusing on the harshness of the environment. I am also familiar with “pop” from other films and I have always considered him a strong actor. Perfect casting for this movie, well thought out. Keep doing what you are doing.

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