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Jason Momoa Fan Art Page Added to

fan artThere are a lot of talented creators out there making some fantastic art about Jason Momoa.  In our short time starting up the website, we have come across several people whose representations of Jason are just incredible.  So much so that we want to highlight them for all of Jason’s fans to see.  To that end we have created a Fan Art page on our website and are welcoming submissions* by anybody who is doing art in the likeness of Jason Momoa, whether it’s illustrations, painting, caricature, portraits, sculpture or any form of art.

fan artAll accepted artists will have a portfolio page, including links to their website and social media and a gallery of their work posted.

We are more than a little bit thrilled to kick off the Fan Art page with the amazing artist MauLoa AKA Silvia Martinez.  Her artwork is astounding and we are only sharing the tip of the iceberg in her gallery.  You can find a lot more on her Twitter feed, Instagram account and website.

We will be announcing details on Monday for a giveaway we are doing with mauloabook of a Jason Momoa calendar for 2018 filled with her many beautiful illustrations and works of art.  We will also have an exclusive interview with her posting next week where we find out a little more about what drew her to Jason as an artistic subject and if she’s met him in person (spoiler- she has).

The Fan Art page can be found under the “Exclusives” tab on our website.  We’ll be adding more artist profiles as we get them.  Stay tuned!

*Any and all artist submissions are reviewed by the team here to make sure they meet a certain quality standard and may or may not be included on the website.  You can submit to us by sending an email with photos to [email protected].

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