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‘Aquaman,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Halloween’ And The Biggest Hits Of 2018

Scott Mendelson with Forbes has put out his list of what he thinks will be the biggest hits of 2018, but with a twist this year.

As I have done for the past three years, I will begin 2018 with a rundown of the year’s most likely highest-grossing blockbusters. The twist is that I will merely be declaring what I think will be the biggest hit of each particular month, although this year there is a certain “share the wealth” in terms of probable blockbusters in nearly every month. Yet the irony of our current “all blockbusters, all the time” scheduling is that there is more than one month, quite a few months actually, where it’s something of a coin toss in terms of which will be the biggest movie of the month.

For December he has Aquaman (starring Jason Momoa).

As I’ve said countless times, the reason I wasn’t terribly concerned with Justice League not being great and not doing all that well at the box office is because I have faith that James Wan, the guy behind SawFurious 7 and The Conjuring, will cook up a crowd-pleasing and suitably butt-kicking Aquaman movie that will stand alongside Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman as an example of DC Films done right. And anything close to Justice League/Man of Steel numbers would be a huge win for this Jason Momoa underwater epic, although I’d argue good reviews are more valuable than record-setting box office.

No, Aquaman isn’t going to perform like Star Wars, but a domestic run like The Hobbit prequels and/or a worldwide cume similar to Sing or wherever Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ends up will be good enough to let this one top the month of December. The Bumblebee Transformers prequel will be cheap enough that it won’t have to break records to break even this time, while Mary Poppins Returns is a comparatively smaller-scale Disney biggie. Unless Mortal Engines surprises the hell out of us (or, ha ha, Solo moves to Christmas), the month of December is Aquaman‘s to lose.

You can read the full article HERE to see what other movie predictions Scott has.

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